CEEAS | Travis Hill School
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Travis Hill School

In the spring of 2016, the Orleans Parish School Board asked CEEAS if we would assume full operational control over the school inside of the New Orleans Juvenile Detention Center. In August 2016, after just a few months of preparation, we opened a new school inside of the detention center.  As a team, our school staff elected to name the school the Travis Hill School.  Travis Hill was a local jazz musician who spent time at the detention center and then in prison, who upon release returned to New Orleans and used his music and talent to support nonviolence and to mentor and support teens in the City. He died tragically at a young age.


At the Travis Hill School, our mission is to provide each student we serve with the best educational experience of his or her life, to ensure that each is successful at our School and finds a reason to be excited about learning, and to prepare each student to succeed at school when they return home.

Looking to Join Our Team? We are are opening a new school–serving teens and young adults–inside of the Orleans Justice Center, the pre-trial detention center (jail) for individuals charged as adults in New Orleans. The school will be modeled off of the the Travis Hill School. Click HERE to learn more.