CEEAS | Words Unlocked 2016 Contest Winners
Results of 2016 Words Unlocked Contest
Words Unlocked, 2016 Winners, Contest
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2016 Words Unlocked Contest Winners

First Place

Poem: Furious

School/Facility: Salt Lake Valley Detention Center, Utah
Teaching Artist: Bonnie Shaw
Poet: C.R.


Poem: My Reality

School: Duval Academy, Florida
Teacher: Fallon Collins-Rothenberg
Poet: Kevin

Poem: Ode to the Prisoner

School/Facility: New Bridge High School @
Rogue Valley Youth Correctional Center, Oregon
Teaching Artist: Kim DeForest
Poet: Shylo

Poem: Sticks and Stones

School/Facility: Salt Lake Observation and Assessment Center, Utah
Teaching Artist: Emily Juett
Poet: M.D.


Poem: Something More

School: Mat-Su Youth Facility, Alaska
Teacher: Mr. Pine
Poet: Kyle

Poem: The Deal

School/Facility: Juniper Hills High School @
Nampa Juvenile Correctional Center, Idaho
Teacher: Laura Turner
Poet: Eli


Poem: Addiction

School/Facility: Granite YESS @ Adolescent
Residential Treatment and Education Center, Utah
Teaching Artist: Sandy Harty
Poet: T.O.S.H


Poem: Brain, Mind, Heart

School/Facility: Cypress School @ Okeechobee
Girls Academy, Florida
Teachers: Hope Sheppard & John Russ
Poet: Tymara


Poem: I am Mean as I Am Tall

School/Facility: Fall River LEAD, Massachusetts
Teachers: Marianne Pina and Jo-Anne Charette
Poet: Nicholas

Poem: I Wonder…

School/Facility: Granite YESS, Utah
Teaching Artist: Bonnie Shaw
Poet: A.T.


Poem: Bricks

School/Facility: Wasatch Youth Center, Utah
Teaching Artist: James Hawkes
Poet: N.P.


Poem: Still Close

School/Facility: Manson Youth Institution, Connecticut
Teacher: Ms. Belval
Poet: Jezreel


Poem: My Life

School/Facility: Wasatch Youth Center, Utah
Teaching Artist: James Hawkes
Poet: A.G.