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We believe students held in confinement during this COVID-19 crisis need to know people care about them. We're sponsoring a monthlong letter-writing campaign during the month of April for our students to feel connected with a community. 

For Volunteers

Thank you for volunteering to support our youth! 

You will find some guidance and helpful suggestions for your letter writing on this page.

Use this portal to submit your letters each week. 

We ask that you submit your letters by midnight on Wednesdays

*If you need a reminder about your school ID, see matches list below*

Letter Writing Guidelines & Helpful Tips

What to write about

  • You can share about whatever is happening in your life.  Here are some suggestions:

    • About you: Share where you are from, your job, your family, etc.

    • How are you filling your time during quarantine? Have you come up with anything creative during this time?

    • Share your favorite, books, movies, sports, etc.; explain why they're your favorite

    • Food: What are your favorite foods?  What have you been cooking lately? Share a favorite recipe that the student could make next time they cook.  What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten?

    • Travel: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go any why?

    • Quotes: share a favorite one and explain why you like it

    • College:  where did you attend college?  Why did you choose that school?

    • Names: what's the meaning behind your name or your children's names?

    • Art: Do you have a favorite artist? Share about them and include one of their artworks.

    • Highs and lows: what was your high of today and your low of today?

    • Dinner party: If you could invite any 6 people to a dinner party, who would you invite and why?

    • Pets: What was your first pet? What pets do you have now?  Include a picture of them or share about their silly antics.

    • What are three things you are grateful for today?

  • Recognize/acknowledge your student’s worry about the current situation and maybe offer how you are handling the stress

  • What is most important here is that by reaching out to a student, you are letting her/him know that you care, and that you acknowledge her/his humanity and value


What not to write about

  • Note that your letters may be read by facility staff.  Be mindful of what you write. 

  • Try not to spark fear about the Corona virus pandemic in your letters (keep a positive tone)

  • Do not use offensive, foul, or sexual language

  • Do not share your personal information (address, phone number, email, etc.)


Other Guidelines and thoughts to consider

  • Please keep in mind the mixed literacy levels among students and try to write appropriately

  • Please be aware of the reality of our students’ current situation (they are likely spending a lot of time indoors--perhaps in isolation-- they are not able to have visitors)

  • Please keep in mind that your students likely will not be able to write back


Templates and Related

  • Below, we have included some templates for you in case you feel like you need some guidance and help. You do not need to use these.

  • You can scan your letters and turn into PDFs or take pictures and submit as JPEG.  If taking a picture, you can use this website to remove the background and make the letter look better, though this is not required!

  • Don’t be afraid to be creative -- write a poem, sketch out a picture, practice your calligraphy! 

  • While handwritten letters are not required, they are strongly encouraged.

  • Note that your notecards or letters will likely end up being printed out on 8”x11” white paper, in black and white.  Some might get printed in color, but we can’t control that. 


Thank you!!! 


Untitled design (40).png

Click the template above to print a pdf version

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 2.38.15 PM.png

Click the template above to design your own template using google drawings.

Here's an example letter!

If you have questions about the Care-Mail project, please contact Christina at

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