Instructional Resources During COVID-19 Shutdown

Daily Lessons

These daily lessons provide activities in English, Social Studies, Math and Science, as well as additional activities that support social and emotional learning, art, problem solving and design thinking. These lessons are meant to be high quality, engaging, and meaningful for students, and center around a weekly theme.

Site facilitators only need to click to print the packet of activities and then distribute to students.

We have provided a daily summary for teachers/facilitators, that outlines the lessons, provides instructions and lists necessary materials.

Need help thinking through how to make these materials accessible to students and differentiation?

View our suggestions here.

Week 1

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Entire Week (Days 1-3)

Week 2

Entire Week (Days 1-5)

Week 3

Entire Week (Days 1-5)

Week 4

Entire Week (Days 1-5)

Week 5

Entire Week (Days 1-5)

Week 6

Entire Week (Days 1-5)

Week 7

Entire Week (Days 1-5)

Week 8

Entire Week (Days 1-5)

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