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Youth who end up in the juvenile justice system are our nation’s most underserved, isolated, and shunned.  They need to be surrounded by people who care about them, who create opportunities for them to pursue their dreams and build their futures. We develop great schools inside of juvenile and adult jails, we support students unrelentingly when they are released, and we advocate locally and nationally on their behalf. Join us in wrapping arms around justice-involved youth.  Help us embrace our own.


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When you donate to CEEAS, your gift creates educational opportunities, improving the life chances of system-involved young people. Donations can be made easily online or by mail. All donations are tax deductible.

College Exposure

College Exposure

Through our College Now program, we have improved postsecondary programming inside of juvenile facilities. Our students participate in live, virtual classes where they prepare for CLEP exams that can earn them transferable college credit.
Sending Some Love During the Holidays

Sending Some Love During the Holidays

Hundreds of students join us each year for our Sending Some Love project, where we provide children’s holiday books to students in secure facilities. The students record themselves reading a book, and then send the audio recording along with the book home to their loved ones. Through this students connect with loved ones and combat their feelings of loneliness during the holiday season.
Opening up Technology & Internet Access

Opening up Technology & Internet Access

By bringing in technology and opening access to the internet we help to breathe new life into juvenile facilities across the country, so they may offer engaging, relevant, and meaningful curriculum to their students.
Welcoming Project

Welcoming Project

At the Welcoming Project we ensure justice-involved youth returning to New Orleans from detention are successful. By engaging them in their education, providing internship and work opportunities, and surrounding them with a broad range of individuals and institutions, we embrace and empower our youth.

Other ways you can support us:

If you would prefer to make your contribution by mail, you may send a check to:

9375 Gerwig Lane
Suite E
Columbia, MD 21046