CEEAS | 2017 Words Unlocked Winner: Letting Go
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2017 Words Unlocked Winner: Letting Go

Title: Letting Go

Facility: Delmina Woods Youth Facility, Missouri
Teaching Artist: Jen Hunt
Poet: Macyn


Letting Go


Beating, but no words coming out,


 Only feeling his hands pounding, like my heart.


 Feeling lifeless, feeling loved.


 His hands cracking against my skin,


Like a ball against a bat.


 Beaten by the world,


 Beaten by MY world.


 Tears pouring like rain,


 Hitting the floor as hard as he hits me.


 Lying like a snake baking in the sun,


 He is pounding like a drum.


 Screaming in the night,


 Crying like the caged bird,


 All I needed was help.


 No matter how loud I wailed,


 Nobody came.


 Girl after girl, hit after hit,


 I was still worthless.


 Wanting nothing but a hug,


 But only getting hands around my throat.


 Feeling lost, feeling dead, feeling empty.


Staying because I love you,


 Or staying because no one else will.


 Black and blue became my only colors,


 I was a color wheel,


 Without a theory.


 Three years later,


 My mind is still like a caged bird,


 But I am a free bird.


 I’m learning to let go,


 Like a bird learning to fly for the first time.