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An essential feature of effective schools in juvenile justice settings is that the education and secure care staff work closely together. They need to have a shared vision of what a good school looks and feels like, have a shared understanding of their mutual roles and responsibilities, and have the same set of standards and expectations for students around behavior, participation, and in school attendance. Unfortunately, in many juvenile justice settings, the education and secure care staff clash, miscommunicate and send disconnected messages to students in their care—leading to lost instructional time, student misbehavior, and frustrated adults.

At CEEAS, we work with juvenile justice agencies and their education partners to create Mutual Accountability Teams (MATs). The MATs are designed to bring education and secure care together and provide them with the tools they need to work cohesively, to address challenges in real-time as they arise—in service of students in their care. The MATs enable staff at all levels to stay focused on creating a school climate centered around student achievement and engagement, where mutual trust and accountability abound.

If you are interested in learning more about working with CEEAS to establish and nurture the development of a Mutual Accountability Team, please email David Domenici.


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