Unsung is a pretty amazing project, one that couldn’t have happened even just a few years ago, given how hard it can be to provide a meaningful education to those incarcerated. Read More.

Unsung: Voices of Youth Justice - 2019 Winners!

Terrance graduated high school on April 5, 2018.  Exactly 511 days after he was booked into the New Orleans jail on November 10, 2016.  512 days since he had seen his mom, and had been on campus at Dr. King Charter School, on track to graduate as a 12th grader. Read More.

Let the Fireman Out

On Friday, three students graduated from the Travis Hill School, our school in the New Orleans juvenile detention center.  Read More

Travis Hill School Celebrates it's First Graduating Class

There are just over 1,250 inmates being housed at the Orleans Justice Center, and at any given time, dozens of those inmates are juveniles who still have a lot to learn.

That’s exactly what they’re now doing behind bars as they wait for their cases to play out in court. Read More

Real Schools,

Real Students,

Real Impact

I’m writing this newsletter on a plane, flying home after spending two days at the Travis Hill School, located inside of the New Orleans Juvenile Detention Center. I’m upbeat, and inspired because I know good people are doing all they can to make school meaningful and engaging for the students there. And I see the work as being connected to a larger movement working for ongoing juvenile justice reform in the state--to raise the age, to pull teens out of adult prisons, to develop accountability measures for education in long-term facilities, to reduce the use of solitary confinement and punitive isolation.  Read More

Sending Some Love for the Holidays


I’m writing this email from my living room.  It’s twilight on Saturday. Our Christmas tree is still up, as are all of our stockings (they are all coming down tomorrow).  It’s a soft, tender glow here. There’s snow outside. I’m reflecting on the last few weeks and the start of the New Year. Read More.

Marching Forward with Terrance

One of our goals here at CEEAS is to break down the barriers that too often separate students who are incarcerated from their families and the broader community of individuals and institutions who can and should care about and care for them. Read More

A Chance to Listen, a Request you Engage

In case you missed it, on Saturday, Michel Martin featured Words Unlocked, our nationwide poetry initiative for students in juvenile justice facilities, on NPR’s All Things Considered. Read More

Jimmy Santiago Baca talks about poetry and Words Unlocked on NPR’s All Things Considered

In the U.S., there is adult jail and there is school, and the two rarely go together. Most juvenile detention centers have educational programs, and prisons often have GED or college classes. But since August, the New Orleans jail has offered something unusual: a full-day high school that’s part of the public school system and offers real credits. Read More


A group of kids is told that “education is the door to their futures.” But these kids are in jail, facing adult sentences. Why learn algebra when you’re facing 25 years? Eli Hager reports. This story is a collaboration with The Marshall Project, where you can read a print version. Listen

Throw the Book at Them



In 2011, the Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings (CEEAS) launched initiatives for young men and women in secure facilities. Our mission: engaging incarcerated youth with digital tools to help them earn high school diplomas, build portfolios, and instill hope through achievement in a collaborative, project-centered format. Read More

Extraordinary schools for underserved teens

As the school year kicks off, we want to highlight some great stuff happening in schools in juvenile justice facilities around the country, encourage further innovation and change, and offer a glimpse at some of the initiatives we will be sponsoring this year. Read More

Impact Across the Country

The competition’s judge, musician Aloe Blacc, called the students’ lyrics “a cry for change.” Read More

Rogue Valley Musicians Win National Competition

It’s September, and teens and young adults are back at school. This newsletter highlights some great work that took place over the summer with our partners around the country, and at our schools in New Orleans. Read More

Summer with CEEAS:

Design Learning, Accuplacer Prep, Art for Change

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