CEEAS | The Podcast Project: Voices of Words Unlocked 2016
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The Podcast Project: Voices of Words Unlocked 2016

“We’re all connected. Even if we’re incarcerated or free, we’re still connected.”


~ Student, Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall

This year, in an effort to more fully share the words and experiences of the student writers and educators participating in Words Unlocked, CEEAS has co-produced podcasts with two sites: Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall in Downey, CA, and Logansport Juvenile Correctional Facility in Logansport, IN.

At these sites, teachers and CEEAS made audio recordings of class discussions, writing workshops, interviews, and poetry readings throughout Words Unlocked, as students worked through the curriculum and wrote poems on this year’s theme of Interconnectedness. Together, we created podcasts for each site and compiled additional audio recordings to share the poets’ voices. We hope that you will listen to these podcasts and find in them, as we do, the voices of young people who should be heard.

Many thanks to Zoila Gallegos, Literacy Specialist at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall, and Judy Willis and Robert Palmer, Language Arts Teachers at Logansport Juvenile Correctional Facility. We also thank all of the educators, administrators, and supporters at each site for making the Words Unlocked 2016 Podcast Project a reality. We are especially grateful to the poets who allowed us to share their words and without whom there would be no story to tell here. Thank you!

The Podcasts

(1) Voices of Words Unlocked 2016

This “montage” podcast features music and quotes from each of the site podcasts, plus other poems from student writers who participated in Words Unlocked 2016.

(2) Voices of Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall

Listen to the voices of young men and women inside this Los Angeles juvenile facility as they share their thoughts on reading and writing poetry and on the theme of Interconnectedness.

(3) Voices of Logansport Juvenile Correctional Facility

Listen to the voices of the young men inside this Indiana facility as they interpret and discuss classic poems, master poetic devices, and share their work during a final all-day Poetry Cafe.

Other Great Stuff To Listen To

Thanks and Acknowledgment

In addition to all of the student poets, teachers, and site-based staff who made these podcasts possible, we also want to acknowledge the leadership at Los Angeles County Office of Education and Department of Probation for allowing us to record at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall, and the Indiana Department of Correction, Division of Youth Services for allowing us to record at Logansport Juvenile Correctional Facility. Thank you.