CEEAS | 2018 WORDS UNLOCKED FINALIST: The Destroying Angel
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2018 WORDS UNLOCKED FINALIST: The Destroying Angel

Poem: The Destroying Angel

The moral of the story is that the signs are varied and subtle.


You must look carefully, not just at the top of things but at the underside


Where the poison often gathers.


Something I learned today is the meadow mushroom, when early, has pink gills


That turn to brown upon maturity.


If you didn’t know the lore, you would liken the dark underside to unwholesomeness and the light un-belly to goodness.


The moral is dark but smooth.


That which is scared and pitied in nature can mean substance and life,


Where as a smooth and pretty skin can mean destruction and death.


People too are not often what they seem, even those who you love.


You must look closely, if not for king, then for country.


If  not for country, then for clan.


If not for clan, then for my brother,


If not for my brother, there is nothing but home.