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At CEEAS, we believe that combining the power of the Internet and blended learning with individuals fully committed to doing what’s best for children can lead to transformation in juvenile justice facilities. With that belief in mind, each of the last four years we have selected a cohort of juvenile justice agencies who are interested in working with us to implement blended learning in their schools.


Unjammed is a year-round program that is centered around a multi-day intensive training on blended learning held in late July each summer. Our first class of Unjammed ran from the summer of 2014 through the summer of 2015.  We are now working with our fourth cohort. Over the past four years, over 225 people (teachers, administrators, and secure care staff) from nearly 70 juvenile justice facilities have participated in Unjammed–1.0, 2.0, 3.0, or 4.0.


One of the most unique aspects of Unjammed is that it brings teams of teachers and administrators together for a summer ‘tech camp,’ centered around a common goal. This creates momentum to change the policies and day-to-day practices that can stymie innovation and impede education reform in juvenile facilities. Once teams return to their facilities after the summer camp, CEEAS continues to work with the agencies participating in Unjammed by offering intensive coaching and peer support to the teachers, and ongoing technical support to agency administrators.


Participants who have completed Unjammed are invited to join a new cohort that takes blended learning collaboration and integration to the next level. For the past two years, we have helped seven states in our G Suites cohort launch 1:1 Chromebooks and G Suites for Education. The Chromebook managed devices allow us to apply the upmost security in the juvenile justice classroom. In addition, teacher fellows become Level 1 Google Certified by the end of the fellowship year.


If you are interested in learning more about how your agency or school district could apply to be a part of Unjammed 5.0, please fill out this interest form.