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Title: Why

Why do men win with women when

They abuse their goddess and have no

Goodness because they are soulless and

Give no condolence when they are the

One who took those who meant the most from

You and would do it over again they would

Murder for a quarter and question no session

With the devil why does evil exist when

People insist on their innocence in a

World where everything is a sin

So why do we win and drink gin

Lie to ourselves about how we are good

And give charity when all we do with

Clarity is take and claim then say

We’re a saint but add to the taint

Of our father but go no further to cleanse

And reduce the crimes we commit and

When people comment we say names and

Promise violence and make them vow

Silence the promise to be good

But throw our words out the window

And elect someone who does the same

And when we cross paths with a saint

Why do we say they are a fake and

Beat them down with hate when we’re

The fake can only talk shit through

A screen and inside we refuse to go

Prone and listen to those who’ve been

Down our road and say they’re a chode

And continue to add to the violence with

Those who show no malice and only reset

The cycle of violence but our hearts

Get stabbed with the ice cycle that

Is hate and continue down the path

To a set date 25 years of peace only to

Make someone late why try to win

At life when it’s what we’re sentenced

Only to succumb to the hate and say

F**k my date don’t give a damn about

The scam that is my life when we no

Longer strive for perfection and get the

Lethal injection